Sell laser subsurface engraving machine

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Laser subsurface engraving machine is a high-tech product which is integrated with laser technology, electrical automatization, precise mechanical manufacturing and image processing software. Generally speaking, there are two ways to scan/move the laser beam: mechanical moving and galvanometer scanning. Scanning is most advanced and fastest for crystal subsurface engraving. Due to high energy of the focused laser beam, cracking or explosion may occur inside the crystal and a obvious point is formed. By moving the laser beam via a computer control system, 3D image can be created inside the crystal.
A 3D camera can be used together with the machine to make individual 3D portrait engraving inside the crystal cube.
These machines are widely used in precious souvenir industry and craft & gift making.
Our laser subsurface engraving machines have the following characteristics: firstly, take 3D photo of a person with 3D camera and process it in computer to form 3D portrait; secondly, utilizing laser focusing technology, it can engrave 3D everlasting portrait inside crystals. With the development of material life, people are paying more and more attention to the pursuance of spirituality and individuality. Therefore, with a broad market, the 3D subsurface engraved portraits are becoming more and more popular. you can buy a 5*5*8cm crystal cube at 1.5-2USD and sell the 3d head crystal products at 45-50USD each piece, It's very profitable to do the crystal business,

The technology of laser subsurface engraving machine has been greatly improved in recent years, sub-surface laser engraving is a completely new industry, the 2D/3D laser engraved crystal block has an enormous sales potential,
Many of our former clients have achieved great success in the US and Europe!