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1) It is our patent product
2) Adds bamboo char on base of latex pillow
3) By taking more than five-year old bamboos from the remote mountain as
raw materials, adopting thousand Celsius degrees high temperature
technology and lasting a period of 30 days, the bamboo-char is carbonized
under the non-oxygen condition
4) Compact nature, big specific gravity and hexagon shape molecule that
is similar to molecule of diamond. Texture is hard enough and has
lots of apertures. In addition, surface acreage is two times more than
common charcoal
5) Strong adsorptive capacity, is able to control humidity automatically, and plays
a role of absorption, decomposition and dispelling against harmful chemical
substances, such as sulfide, hydride, methyl alcohol, benzene, phenol and
so on. Brings about negative ion that has penetrability, which can
purify air and improve air quality
6) Emits remote infrared ray that can make objects bring about slight
heat, speeds up blood circulation of human body, promotes
metabolism, changes man's inner condition and eliminates fatigue
7) Has extremely good electrical conductivity, can cut off electromagnetic
wave radiation effectively, and also can reduce water molecule group to
cause water to be soft
Bamboo Charcoal Latex Pill
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Bamboo-Charcoal Latex
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