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1. It is made from 100% natural emulsion, which is named Tear of Trees, in processing with special technology.
2. The emulsion pillows are durabale for sound support, elasticity and non-deformation. It can enhance the support to the head and neck in sleeping, which can help recover your physical agility and relieve your fatigue.
3. It is of sound breathability. The natural emulsion has many tiny mesh holes for breathing. And the holes which can breath naturally to keep the fresh and healthy air inside the body can eluminate the rest heat and moisture inside the body.
4. It is a green environmental protection and non-pollution product, which complies with the environmental protections. It can naturally dissove itself exposing to the strong skylight or sunlight, which wont pollute the natural surroundings.
5. It is an anti-dust, antisepsis, anti-allergic and health emulsion pillow. The emulsion itself is anti-dust and bateria, that is to say it can keep the bacteria and worms from existing in it. It can well prevent the asthma and bronchus.
6. It is non-poisonous and non-public harm. The emulsion is applied to manufacturing baby nipples and medical gloves, etc. Moreover the emulsion doesnt contain toxic substances and is not harmful to human being.
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