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We are the main supplier of laurel leaves, Here is the general information about our product.

After manual plucking and sorting, the leaves are quickly dried without exposure to sunlight. High-quality bay leaves are easily recognized not only by their strong aroma, but also by their bright green colour. A rule of thumb holds: The greener the colour, the better the quality. Bay leaves cannot, however, be stored as long as their tough texture might suggest, but should not be kept more than one year after plucking.

Over aged leaves have lost their fragrance, show a brownish hue and taste mostly bitter. Bay leaves should be delivered within 12 months from the time that they were plucked. Estimated shelf life is 12 months from packaging date. The product should be stored under cool, dry conditions. Extremes of temperature and humidity must be avoided. Recommended storage conditions: Optimum temperature range 20-22'C.

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