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Yuan Ming industry CO. Ltd, is one of few enterprises that major in manufacturing Multielement-anode plate in electrolytic Zinc and copper. Our products include:
(1) Anode plate used in electrolytic zinc refinery. Anode plate contains Pb. Ag. Ca. Sr, got results in practice compared with Pb-Ag dual-anode plate below:
1. High in hardness, not easy for deformation, it reduces short circuit phenomenon and improves current efficiency by 0.5%~1%, and reach more than 90%. Meanwhile it can save 100 kwh per ton electrolytic Zinc. The DC power consumption is 2800~3000 kwh each ton.
2. The electrolytic Zinc using our multielement-anode plate can reach the 0# standard and guarantee the quality of electrolytic Zinc
3. The life of use can be improved about 1.5 times than dual-anode and can reach to 1~2 years.
4. It reduces manganese depleted and the deposition of anode slime, it also can expand the cycle to clean the groove and reduce the short circuit which coursed by the deposition of cathode slime.

(2) Anode plate used in electrolytic copper refinery. Anode plate contain Pb, Sn, Ca. The advantages like the life of use can reach more than five years; the price is lower; the electricity consumption is less and so on. More production information is welcomed to be asked.
(3) Also, we can provide different kinds of lead alloy products or others according to customer's request; include pure lead plate, lead alloy plate, lead ingot, zinc alloy, electrolytic zinc and so on.
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