Sell led display(indoor full color led sign)

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1. high quality imported light emitting diode (LED) chip, stable luminance, capability of resisting transient over voltage and over current is prominent, big size (13*14 mil) , performance is improved 30 percent more than small size chip (11*12 mil) .
2. Eminent ESD Protection function, average breakdown voltage > 200V, Maximum Reverse Leakage Current < 1A (reverse voltage = 6V) .
3. Complete hue spectrum, chroma close to 1, color rendering is perfect.
4. LEDs produced on automated assembly line with chip filter machine, discreteness of brightness and wave length is under strict control.
5. Specially coated bracket, LED brightness goes up 3 to 5 times than before.
6. Custom die for synthetic resin moulding, brightness half-value angle is same for red, blue and green and spatial distribution angle up to 110O (full direction) , national patent under application.
7. The reflector is specially optimized for LED module, coarse grained surface panel, no light reflection.
8. Groove on panel, remove gap between unit boards as well as modules, let modules assemble seamless.
9. Easy to set up structure, fast to mount on and tear down a module form whole display sign, even for a single LED. Single LED maintenance is achievable. Maintenance cost cuts down greatly.

Real Pitch(mm) :10
Virtual Pitch(mm) - LED Shape:3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Configuration:1R1G1B
LED Wavelength(mm) :625/525/470
LED Brightness(mcd) :240/480/80 Viewing Angle:160/160
Module Configuration WxH(pixels) :32*16
Module Dimension WxH(mm) 320*160
Real Pixel Density (Pixels/m2) 10000
Virtual Pixel Density (Pixels/m2) :10000
Scan Mode:1/4
Brightness(cd/m2) :>1000 Average Power Consumption(W/m2) 360
Maximum Power Consumption(W/m2) 600
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