Sell led display(outdoor full color led sign)

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1. Reflector of module made of anti-fire ABS, resisting high temperature and fire.
2. Glue between LEDs and seal rings between module and cabinet keep water outside, waterproof, working reliable in rain.
3. All module pass strict vibration test, prevent damage during transportation.
4. All module pass strict high and low temperature environment test, promise function of LED sign in real environment.
5. Sealed with imported soft dark silica gel, long term duration against ageing, waterproof performance is excellent.

1. Body of cabinet made of high quality steel or aluminum board, processed with galvanization and other anti-rust and anti-oxidation processing technics, covered with special coat to prevent corrosion of acid rain.
2. Designed to withstand salt fog corrosion, can operate in oceanic climate environment.
3. Water-tight protection on front panel, protection level: IP65.
4. Module maintenance can be completed within cabinet, without any help outside.
5. Ventilation system with waterproof inlet and outlet embedded in cabinet, heat generated inside dissipates quickly. Dust proof cover makes cleanliness inside.
6. Special design of waterproof groove without sealing glue, prevent penetration of water and let module assemble seamless.
7. Power ground connected with Cabinet earthing point through electrical wire, good protective earthing keep LED sign from electrical charge.

1. Made of multi-layer FR-4 board, standard floorplan and routing, EMC and circuit stability satisfied.
2. LED and Surface Mounted Devices are soldered on PCB using Reflow Soldering technics, eliminate damage of leftover on PCB by hand-solder, real full protection technics achieved.
3. Covered with special paint according military protection standard, no rust, no mildew, immunity from dew in winter.
Type:P20 Real Pitch(mm) 20
Virtual Pitch(mm) 10
LED Shape:"5 ovallamp
Pixel Configuration 2R1G1B
LED Wavelength(mm) 625/525/470
LED Brightness(mcd) :450*2/1200/2000
Viewing Angle :120/55
Module Configuration WxH(pixels) 16X8
Module Dimension WxH(mm) 320X160
Real Pixel Densit(Pixels/m2) :2500
Virtual Pixel Density (Pixels/m2) :10000
Scan Mode:Static
Brightness(cd/m2) :>6500
Average Power Consumption(W/m2) 660
Maximum Power Consumption(W/m2) 1100
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