Sell led display (indoor bi-color led sign)

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GW LEDS Corp. is the professional designer and manufacturer for the indoor bi-color sign, which can show the texts, numbers, symbols, patterns, images and animators. If they are connected with to DVD, cameras, televisions or other video signal sources, they can display the video images with red, green and their mixture color, but without blue. It is the most important modern displaying equipment in many public place for advertisements, news, stock exchange information and so on.

Dot Pitch:4.75mm
Pixel Density 44100 dots/Square meter
Max Power:<=800 Watt/Square meter Pixel Configuration: High brightness red and green
Gray LeveLl:1024 gray levels for images
Display Content: Texts, numbers, patterns, images or video signals
Control Methods :Controlled by the computer
Input Type: VGA, PC, Scanner, Video Signal Sources and etc
Control Distance: For cable, the distancea<=120m With fiber, no limited
Scan Frequency 60 Hz
View Angle:1850
Operation Temperature: -15 0C to 55 0C
Lift Time over 100,000 hours
Input Voltage: 220V115%, 110V115%
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