Sell led flashlight with mobile charger

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Working principle:
This item uses 3-phase generator without carbon brush for electricity generation, which is rectified to charge the inside 800mAh Ni-Mh battery. Out electric source can also be used to charge the inside battery, with charging current 150-200mA and charging indication. A tact switch is used to control circuit: 2 bulbs on-1W bulb on- 1W bulb flash-off, which forms 4-in-1 circulation. A switch voltage decrease circuit is used to charge mobile phone via charging cable and the DC socket, with charging current 700-800mA.

Product function:
1. Crank by hand for power.
2. Crank by hand to quickly charge mobile phone.
3. High brightness: 1W LED for lighting.
4. Electronic switch function: 2 LED bulb on/ 1W bulb on/1W bulb flash.
5. Out electric source of 6V to charge the inside battery, with charging indication. Charging time: 8 hours.
6. Waterproof under 10m water.

Product feature:
1. Crank by hand for power
2. Ultra-high brightness>250000mcd
3. Big current to charge mobile phones
4. Full sealing structure: water proof under 10m water, and can be used by cranking under water.
5. Electronic switch control, life long.
6. Low crank noise.
7. Shock resistant
8. Single socket for two way charging function.

Use method:
1. Lighting: hold the unit with one hand and crank the handle with another hand at the speed of 2.5-3 circles per second for about 1 minute while the indicator at the side of DC port is on, press the switch for use.

2. Charge a mobile phone: Open DC cap, connect the end with DC mark of cable with the DC port of this product and another end to the mobile phone or a suitable plug, crank it at the speed of 2.5-3 circles per second to charge, while charge indication should be normal.

Out electric source to charge the inside battery: insert the plug of out source adapter into the socket of DC port, the indication is on to show on-charging.
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