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Dimension : 22.5mm
Height : 10.75mm
Angle : 25
Material : Optical Grade PMMA
Temperature :-35deg +90 deg
Matching LED: Seoul, luxeon. (The common LED which dimension is 8MM )
1. Smooth surface, are smooth lens. The spot is more light and more evenly. Is a commonly used lens models.
2. It can match variety of high-power LED, the light spot is uniform, no astigmatism, no black spots, no shadow, lens rate is very high, it can maximize the utilization of LED light.
3. This product uses high precision, aspheric optical design, optical PMMA raw materials which are imported from Japanese Mitsubishi with original packaging and ensure adequate injection molding (reducing shrinkage of products) . we have an excellent quality department which is extremely strict with the product, all products are in accordance with national and export standards, anti-static and anti-shock packed, certified by SGS and comply with ROHS environmental requirements.
Uses : This product is applicable to solar lamp, underground lamp, underwater light, wall wash lights, spot lights, led lights and other applications.
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