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The helmets can effectively prevent infrared ray and ultraviolet ray fro transmittance and decrease incident light, thus preventing the worker's eyes from damage.
110 mm *51 mm *3 mm
108 mm *83 mm *3 mm
110 mm *90 mm *3 mm
110 mm *80 mm *3 mm
133 mm *114 mm *3 m
we can do as the customers requirement.
Light direct coefficient: from No.4 to No.14
Shade Number Electric Arc Welding and Cutting Work
3#4# Auxiliary workers
5#6# below 30A elctric arc
7#8# below 30A75A elctric arc
9#11# below 75A200A elctric arc

12#13# below 200A400A electric arc
14# above 400A electric arc
coated goggles
On the former goggles basic, under vacuum coated with golden , silver, and metal , it develops the capability of preventing infrared rays past of the former goggles. and is the first choice of the developed country such as USA and Europe.