Sell led par20 reflector

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Standard PAR20 LED replacement bulbs. Halogen MR16 bulbs are one of our most popular replacements. Typically no additional technology is required, simply unplug your Halogen and plug in your ultra efficient LED PAR20 replacement- no transformer is required.
Warm white bulbs- white with a hint of yellow/orange- ideal for mood and evening lighting, Cool White- White with a hint of blue- generally brighter light, with a more daylight appearance. Our standard LED PAR20 with E27 base light bulb benefits from longer life and cost savings
direct replace halogen bulbs, Exactly the same length and diameter as a standard halogen lamp
LED Spotlights are available in a range of optical beam angles from 6 to 25 degrees, so you can choose how intense a spotlight you require - narrow beam for a dedicated reading light, wide beam for more diffuse mood lighting. They come in industry standard fittings