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1. Features of LED power supply (waterproof series)
1) adopting the method of filling , the product is waterproof and damp-proof and MODEL PRODUCT SIZE INPUT OUTPUT Consumption
VLPS-350-12 350W/12V 230*115*50mm 110V/220VAC 12VDC/29A 350W

VLPS-200-12 200W/12V 230*115*50mm 110V/220VAC 12VDC/16.5A 200W

VLPS-145-12 145W/12V 199*98*38mm 110V/220VAC 12VDC/12A 145W

VLPS-100-12 100W/12V 199*98*38mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/8.5A 100W

VLPS-60-12 60W/12V 160*98*38mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/5A 60W

VLPS-35-12 35W/12V 115*80*35mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/2.5A 30W

VLPS-60-12/WP 60W/12V 180*70*50mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/5A 70W

VLPS-30-12/WP 30W/12V 200*30*20mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/2.5A 40W
VLPS-20-12/WP 20W/12V 203*27*24mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/1.5A 20W

VLPS-15-12/WP 15W/12V 163*27*24mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/1.2A 15W

VLPS-10-12/WP 10W/12V 163*27*24mm 100~240VAC 12VDC/0.8A 10W
Brand Name
JEE illumination
CE ,ISO9002
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