Sell led spotlight GU10 MR16 spot light

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Led spotlight MR16 GU10

MR11 and MR16 are actually the names of the bulbs themselves meaning Multifaceted Reflector. MR11 bulbs have GU4 type connection pins, which are similare to G4 pins with 4mm distance between each pin. MR16 bulbs have GU5.6 type connection pins, which has 5.6mm distance between each pin.
The most common halogen spots are either push fit (GU4 or GU5.3), low voltage type or twist and lock (GU10 or GZ10) mains versions. There is a subtle difference between GU10 and GZ10. The GU10 has a bevel around the base but the GZ10 has a square corner. This stops the GZ10 being used in a fitting designed for a GU10 but allows the GU10 to be used in either.