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1. Tireflys create a bright ring of light around the rim of your wheel on either a car, van, motorbike or bicycle or anything that has a standard tyre valve.

2. Tireflys are motion activated, therefore when the wheel is in motion the Tireflys will automatically light up. Tireflys are waterproof and durable. They are chrome flattering polished billet aluminium housing with clear anodized finish. They come supplied with a replacement set of batteries included in each package. Each package contains 2 Tireflys.

3. Tireflys are small, ultra bright L. E. D. 's that simply screw onto standard tyre valves . They create a 'comet effect' at slower speeds, which makes you more visible from the side and also creates an eye-catching effect. Single or multiple colours are available. Batteries give over 200 plus hours of use!