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LED Tunnel Light Products, which have Independent intellectual properties in design and mix various advanced technologies together.
Fashionable and Modern design in appearance, main parts of the lamp body adopt the high pressure die-casting aluminum. It has the advantages in walloping and corrosion- resistance.
The lamp's main thermal parts consist of the ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum, which is made with special treatment.
High-powered toughened glass treated with special processing technology has a better light transmittance.
Superior thermal performance: According to conduction, radiation, convection principle, it optimizes the design of the radiator for the best. Patented technical thermal layer raises the radiator's thermal conductivity. LED junction temperature will be under 80 degree while the environmental temperature is under 35 degree.
Scientific and rational allocation of optical design satisfies the vertical and symmetrical light allocation demands of tunnel illumination.
Efficient power supply: power efficiency of over 90%, power factor >=0.98, constant-current controlled driving LED light source; adopting the high quality electronic components, better stability, longer lifetime, for almost 30'000 hours; installing the dedicated waterproof power supply, protection grade IP66.
Humanized structural design, the lamp's installation and maintenance will be more convenient.
1. Installation angle can be adjusted between -55: and 55:, suitable for a variety of installation modes.
2. Out-built power design which is suitable for the installation conditions of tunnel illumination. It is more convenient to operate.