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Product name: Levodopa
Extract place: bean, seed
Effective ingredient: levodopa
Product property: colourless to white, odorless and flavourless crystal powder
Product specification: HPLC 99.8%
[M. F. & M. W. ] C9H11NO4;197.19
CAS NO. 59-92-7
Structural Formula:

Summarize: Mucuna Pruriens also call dog claw bean, the seed of Stizolobium cochinchin ensis (Lour) . Tang et Wang. Seed capsule is black or offwhite. This species plant is abundantly grows in tropic and sub-tropic area in China, Guangxi also have widely growth. Its main effective ingredient is levodopa. Levodopa is mainly use in treatment of parkinsonism, liver stupor, fracture, neuralgia etc.

Main efficacy:
Levodopas ramification dopamine is a kind of important nerve transmitter, but dopamine can not pass the brain blood barrier and enter into brain tissue. But Lecodopa can pass brain blood barrier, and become dopamine in brain tissue. It can increase the dopamine content and obtain the therapy efficacy of Parkinsonism. Levodopa also have many other use, it can use for treatment of crura active syndrome, liver stupor, cobalt toxicosis, manganese toxicosis, and lunacy, heart failure, canker, alopecia, accommodate sexual function etc. Furthermore, research discovery levodopa have a peculiar function on anti-caducity. In Japan researchers use tyrosinase to transform L-tyrosine, through levodopas oxidation become melanin, and sales it as a hair dye commodity. Levodopa is a kind of aminophenol ramification that have prominence efficacy on medication, health care aspect etc.

Packaging: In cardboard drum,25Kg/drum