Sell li-ion/li-po cell or pack charger

li-ion/li-po cell or pack charger
We can make our li-ion/li-po cell/packs charger as your requirements at the range of 4.2V-58.8V, 0.5A-10A.

JS-4.2V 0.5A charger

JS-4.2V 1A charger

JS-8.4V 0.5A charger

JS-8.4V 1A charger

JS-12.6V 1A charger

JS-12.6V 3A charger

JS-16.8V 1A charger

JS-16.8V 5A charger

JS-29.4V 3A charger

JS-29.4V 5A charger

JS-42V 2A charger

JS-42V 5A charger

JS-58.8V 5A charger

JS-58.8V 10A charger