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flotation clothes for all leisure wears, military service, that can be forever floated onto the water and 170 grams of 0.5mm thick of Flotex can buoy a person weight over 98kg(215lbs) . even in severe winter weather down to 25degrees of frost. also offer an excellent resistance to water.
Material : Made with low density foamed polyethylene plastic.
life vests can be made which are lighter and have stronger buoyancy
1. Semi permanent buoyancy;
300g of SSAPEVTEX(name of raw material) can float a ferrous
object of 130Kg and have 500% of buoyancy against the
human than metals.
2. Protecting ability against the cold whether;
Thinner winter jackets can be made thanks to the material with low
density foams.
SSAPEVTEX in double or three folds has the stronger protecting
effects than downs.
3. Waterproof ability;
SSAPEVTEX has semi permanent waterproof ability
4. Protecting ability against UV;
SSAPEVTEX can protect something from UV rays
5. Adiabatic ability;
SSPEVTEX can be used as construction materials for its
adiabatic feature
6. Flexibility;
SSAPEVTEX can have any shape for its flexibility
7. Incombustibility;
SSPEVTEX can be used as materials of construction
8. Easy washing;
SSPEVTEX can be washed by hands or washer
9. Non discharge of by-products and pollutant during the producing
10. Harmlessness to the human body
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