Sell linalool (CAS. :78-70-6)

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4.3 Product Name: LINALOOL

Product Category: Flavors and fragrances
Molecular formula: C10H18O
Molecular weight: 154.25
CAS. :78-70-6
Physicochemical Property: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with bp at 1980, fp 780, rd 425:0.858~0.862, refractive index 1.4600~1.4630. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in ethyl ester (60%) . It can mix and solve in ethyl alcohol and ethyl ether
Specification: 97%, 99%
Usage: A material for synthesizing isophytol, VE, VK.
Package: Export: (17010.2) Kg/iron drum, Domestic: (16010.2) Kg/plastic drum
Storage & transportation: Store in a cool and dry place. It is not proper to pile in the open.
Storage life: 12 Months