Sell linalyl acetate

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.1 Product Name: LINALYL ACETATE

Product Category: Flavors and fragrances
Molecular formula: C12H20O2
Molecular weight: 196.28
CAS. :115-95-7
Physicochemical Property: Colorless transparent liquid
Specification: 96%
Usage: The product has a delicate and ethearal fragrance with the scent of bergamot oil. It is a primary composition of floral perfumes with jasmine, cananga, osmanthus or syringba oblata fragrance. It is also applicable to some non-floral perfumes.
Package: Galvanized iron barrel or aluminum barrel
Storage & transportation: Keep it in a cool, light-free and ventilated place, far from heat. Transport according to the requirement for inflammable chemical products.
Storage life: 12 months