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CT-80 line remover is assistant equipment for use in thermoplastic paint marking projects. When conducting the highway line marking projects, we must first clear off the old lines. This is the ideal equipment of line removing for use on highways and city roads. It adopts imported HONDA gasoline engine, utilizes wear-resistant hard metal alloy cutter, double wheel single-axis reinforced rear wheels. The body of the machine is stable and firm, having a reasonable structure to assure the durability and stabilization of working, allow the work depth of the cutter to be adjusted to actual conditions of line. it handles easily and the maintenance is satisfactory and has the ability of adjusting the cutter and speed.
1. Wear-resistant hard metal alloy cutter
2. Double rear wheel single-axis reinforces design, satisfactory stability, loading and flexible revolution resistance
3. Allow the work depth of the cutter to be adjusted to the actual conditions of line
4. Cutter implementation system, absorber design, satisfactory wear-resistant and anti-impact ability.
Power Requirements