Sell line-up silent core saw blade for granite

line-up silent core saw blade for granite
Our line-up silent core blade is the main competitor against with Arix technology blade in the world. And we now sell well in Spain, Portugal, USA and Argentina.

Diameter: 350mm -1200mm

1) . Fast cutting---JINLI LINE-UP Blade is 10%~20% faster with less power than traditional blade when cutting hard granite. It's showed when the blade cut to 2.5mm height, the speed is even 20% faster than beginning cut.

(2) . Low Noise---0.5~2.5dB lower than traditional blades with silent core when using JINLI LINE-UP Blades with silent core. Because unique Line-up distribution reduce noise during cutting.

(3) . Longer Lifetime---It is proved that JINLI Line-up blade's lifetime is 30% more than traditional blade.

(4) . No Chipping--- JINLI Line-up blade is proved better than traditional blade on chipping. It will not cause chipping at all because diamonds on both sides of segment is fine enough to provide fast and chip-free cutting.