Sell linear alkybenzene sulfonic acid

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Abbreviation: LASH
other name:LABSA, DBSA, DDBSA
Structural formula : R-C6H4-SO3H
Molecular Weight: 323
Appearance(25?) : Brown sticky liquid
It is a kind of weak organic acid and easy to dissolve in water . produce heat whe diluted with water.
Use: Widely applied in washing powder , civil detergent cleanser and industrial detergents.
Packing: 215kg net in plastic drum.
Assay(dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid) 96%min
Color(KLEET) 50 Max
Inorganic acid 1.5% Max
Free oil 2.0%Max
ISO9001&3A2000 ISO14001
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10 days
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1 MT
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