Sell linen yarn of all kinds spec.

linen yarn of all kinds spec.
Product Description
Trademark: Shanglu linen yarn /name brand in Hangzhou
Model: 13.5NM/1---42NM/1
Standard: FIRST
Productivity: 120Ton/Month
Unit Price/Payment: T/T, L/C
Origin: China
Inner packing: 1.6KGS/ cones, 1.5KGS/ cones, 1KGS/ cones
Outer Packing: 28.8KGS/Carton, 36 KGS/Carton, 30 KGS/Carton
Min. Order: 200kg
Characteristics: Pure white with pearly lustre, even small deviation and good cleanliness and so on.
Usage: This product has the good title of Fibre Queen. It is a green fibre for environmental protection and a raw material necessary for senior cloth, etc.