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we produce pure linen yarn with good quality , and the yarn count range is from 9.5NM/1 to 50NM/1. The following price is FoB SHANGHAI, CHINA, UNIT PRICE IS USD/KG, Of course , it is for your reference, any inquiry , please keep in touch us.
50N/1 19.00
42N/1 13.00
39N/1 11.65
36N/1 9.50
32N/1 9.20
28N/1 7.15
26N/1 6.80
24N/1C 6.10 long fiber
24N/1D 5.35 short fiber
22N/1C 5.95
22N/1D 5.25
20N/1C 5.90
20N/1D 5.05
18N/1C 5.85
18N/1D 4.90
15N/1C 5.70
15N/1D 4.58
13.5N/1 4.52
9.5N/1C 5.70
9.5N/1D 4.52
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