Sell lingbao interference pearl pigment

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Now we can supply the following pearl pigment.
LB 201 (Fine gold satin 5-25um Rutile, Fine by reflection, lilac transmission, bland luster)

LB 205(Platinum pearl, 10-60um, Rutile, Platinum gold by reflection, purple transmission, bright luster)
LB 211(Red satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Red by reflection, pea green transmission, bland luster)
LB 215(Red pearl, 10-60um, Rutile, Red by reflection, green transmission, bright luster)
LB 221(Blue satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Blue by reflection, canary transmission. Bland luster)
LB 223(Violet satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Violetby reflection, yellow-green transmission, bland luster)

LB219(violet pearl, 10-60um, rutile, violet by reflection, light yellow-green transmission, bright luster)