Sell linux embedded stand alone DVR finance company version HY-9016HC

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Product description
To meet the demand of high definition images and long time storage, Wuhan HighEasy Co. , Ltd adopted the Enhanced H.264 Algorithm on update of universal embedded hard-disk recorders, put out the professional Embedded Hard-disk recorder HY-90XX series for the finance companies.
To save the same definition quality images, it will save 1/3 or 1/2 hard-disk room; Or on the same volume disk, it will get more definite images.

For example, a set of 16 channel CIF format DVR,10 hours of recording time per day, 16 channels are recorded at the same time, select the better quality image, it will need 300M of hard-disk room/channel/hour. If we use the universal DVR, 3 months of recorded content will need 15 pieces of 300 G hard-disk to store.
But if we use the professional DVR for finance companies, it will need only 8 pieces of hard-disks, it will directly save 7 hard-disks and out-hanged disk array cabinet. For D1 format, the saving effect will be more clear.

Product Model
HY-9004HC, 4 ch video input, CIF , With audio, 4 ch alarm input, 2 alarm output
HY-9008HC, 8 ch video input, CIF With audio, 8 ch alarm input, 4 alarm output
HY-9016HC 16 ch video input, CIF With audio, 8 ch alarm input, 4 alarm output

Product Feature
1. Adopted with enhanced H.264 (main profile) algorithm.
2, Have all the functions of HY-80XX series hard-disk DVR
3, On the condition of 200M/channel/hour, replay of fast-balloon-scanned images
have no dragged-shadow, no masaic.

4, Comparing to common universal hard-disk DVR, it will save at least 1/3 disk room.
5, The media player of standard H.264 can replay the recorded files, there is no need to use special media player.

Video parameter
Compressing standard Strengthened H.264 (Main Profile)
Replay resolution PAL: 352W288 (CIF)
NTSC: 320W240 (CIF)
Video Input 4/8/16 channel (NTSC, PAL auto select) , BNC, 1.0Vp-p, 75(Ohms)
Video Output 1 channel VGA output;1 channel TV to output BNC interface
SPOT interface to output BNC interface, 1.0Vp-p, 75(Ohms)
frame rate of video PAL: 1~25 frame/second;NTSC: 1~30 frame /second
Code storm type Single video or complex video can be selected
compressed 20K~2Mbps

Audio Parameter
Video compressing standard: G.726
Audio input: 4/8/16 channel, BNC socket , 2Vp-p, 600(Ohms)
Mutual Voice talk input: 1 channel , lotus flower head RCA socket, 2Vp-p, 600(Ohms)
Audio Output: 1 channel, lotus flower head RCA socket, linear output, 600(Ohms)
Ambient parameter
Network interface: 1 pc of 10/100m-adapt ether net terminal (RJ45)
Communications interface: 1 pc of RS232 terminal, 1 pc of RS485 terminal
Alarm input : 8 alarm input (support ON all the time or OFF all the time )
Alarm output: 4 alarm output (support ON all the time, and relay-close output)
Ambient temperature: -100~+550
Working humidity: 10%~90%
Voltage: 110~240V 110%
Power: 38W for HY-9008HC core Power, 89W when 8 hard disks are connected
Dimension: 435x465x95mm (LxWxH)

The input and output interface of Wuhan HighEasy Embedded hard-disk DVR have protection circuit, to protect the main equipment un-damaged in bad enviroment.
Brand Name
HighEasy/ HiEasy
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Warranty Coverage
18 months