Sell liquid chalk refillable ink

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The ink is composed of titanium pigment and alcohol, all water soluble, without any toxic material. It should be used with the liquid chalk pen of our product. With the ink, our pen has a fluent, clean and beautiful writing effect, can be dry erased easily, no dust, no toxic stuff. It is a writing tool good to health and environment

The features of the Liquid Chalk Ink
1. The world's first it's kind of non-toxic Liquid Chalk Ink
2. The ink will dry in seconds and form a film when dried, and exfoliate when wipe off. No messy powder floating in the air or piling up on desks and chairs
3. Providing a cleaner and healthier environment
4. Can be dry erased easily, best erasablity will be after 30 seconds, even after 3 months, it can be wiped off as well.
5. A longer life span (2 years min. . .
6. A variety of colors available ( white, red, yellow and blue.
7. Decreased need for ventilation due to the lack of dust and powder in the air.

The Method of Usage:
1. Before use, please shake the ink in the bottle sufficiently.
2. Open the cover of the bottle, untie the pen cap and fill the pen with the ink.
3. After filling the ink, please cover it with the cap tightlyor it will affect the use of the ink because of volatilization.

1. The ink should be used with our special liquid chalk pen
2. If separation of the color occured inside the ink, please shake the bottle sufficiently before used
3. It can be used and stored in the temperature between -7C and 4C
4. The ink is inedible and keep the pen away from fire
5. Quality guarantee period: 720 days in normal temperature
6. Capacity: 100ml/bottle.