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Working in hot climates, particularly for long periods, is physically stressful and can compromise a persons safety, focus and efficiency. DS Kool minimizes the effects of environmental extremes and related heat stress by cooling the body and providing chilled drinking water to the user with the DS Kool Suit.

Consisting of a tubing-lined garment connected to cooling backpack, the DS Kool Suit is easy to don and comfortable to wear. It is a conductive cooling system that effectively removes body heat by circulating cold water through the garment. The backpack contains the cooling medium which absorbs the body heat coming the garment and returns cooled water back to the garment.

DS Kool has been tested by US Military to be highly effective at maintaining the users body temperature at safe levels and for longer periods than any other self-contained cooling system available.

The primary features of DS Kool include:
Self-Contained Operation: Affords the user freedom of movement
Dual Role as a Hydration system: Affords the user the benefit of drinking ice cold water
Long Cooling Charge: 3-4 hours (1.5kgs Cooling medium) 5-6 hours (3 kgs Cooling medium)
Quick cooling recharge: Pre-frozen pouches of cooling medium can be placed in backpack in just seconds. Spare re-chargeable batteries will keep your system operating for several hours. Easy to replace the battery and cooling pouch
Light weight Construction: 4 lbs. dry and 8 lbs fully load
Small size system pack : Back pack, Waist pack
Fire Resistant Material is available