Listing Guidelines

When viewers come to our web-site, they use our search technology to sift through millions of products on our site. We rank product listings based on numerous criteria, with the 'best' listings appearing at the top of our results. While there are many factors that determine the order of results returned in our search, this page provides you with a list of 'best practices' that should be followed to achieve the highest possible ranking in our search results for a given search.

If you follow our guidelines then your listing will stand the best possible chance of ranking highest in our search results.

Do These Things

This section outlines our 'best practices' and will go a long way to ensuring that your listing ranks to its full potential.

  • Title: The title of your listing should reflect what your product or service is.
  • Description: Your description gives viewers a sense of what your product or service is all about. A great description tells viewers exactly what your product is (or does). Your listing description should describe a single product. It should be highly descriptive. It must NOT describe your company or factory (use your company profile for that). Listings with very short descriptions will rank much lower in search results than those with longer length descriptions. You should aim for descriptions of at least 350 words.
  • Images/Photographs: All listings should include a high quality image/photograph that shows viewers your product or service offering. Listings without high-quality images will rank lower in our search results. Please do not submit images that include identifying information, or company logos.
  • Additional Information: Our listing editor includes a number of optional fields to specify things like 'weight', 'dimensions', 'minimum order quantity' (etc.). Those folks who take the time to fill out one or more of these fields will be rewarded with higher ranking listings. You do NOT have to enter values for every additional field to get this bonus.
  • Longevity: Once you have entered a new listing and it has been approved by our moderators, it will automatically receive a rankings boost after being left untouched for 30 days. The reason we added this factor is that many users believe that the more that they edit their listings, the higher we will rank them. This is NOT true. The truth is this - if you have submitted a listing and it has been approved, 30 days later it will receive an automatic boost and appear higher in the search results. If you edit the listing, it will lose the boost until another 30 days have passed.

Do NOT Do These Things

This section outlines things you should not do with your listings.

  • Duplicate and Nearly Identical Listings: Our systems automatically detect listings that contain the same (or very similar) information as other listings. Listings that contain very little new information from other listings are considered 'duplicates', and will either be rejected or will rank much lower in our search results.
  • Repeating Text Within Listings: We look for repeating words, sentences and paragraphs within listings, and those listings that repeat text will either rank much lower, or be silently discarded from our search results. In some cases, where we suspect that manipulation of our results is the aim, an account may be terminated without warning.
  • Over Editing a Listing: We keep a tally of how many times a listing is edited, and when a listing exceeds a certain number of edits, it gains the status 'over-edited'. If a listing of yours is edited too much, we will silently lower its ranking. The reason we do this is because each time you edit a listing we need to devote time and effort to moderating the listing to make sure that it fits our criteria. We welcome the chance to do this once, or even a few times - but we don't take kindly to needlessly moderating the same listing over and over again.
  • More Than One Product Per Listing: Each listing should describe a single product. We reject listings that describe numerous different products.

Never Do These Things

This section outlines areas that are particularly problematic, and gives you examples of the things that will earn harsh penalties for your listings, and will likely get you banned from our web-site

  • Identifying Information: We specifically do NOT allow identifying information to appear in listings. Identifying information includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and the like. Your company profile is where all of this information should be stored. If our moderators see identifying information, or attempts to 'sneak' identifying information into listings, we will terminate your account without notice - [Please Note: We also do NOT allow identifying information to appear in your images]
  • Profane and/or Adult Language: If we detect it, your account will be terminated without notice.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: We respect intellectual property rights, and the law. Our website must not be used as a vehicle to promote pirated or counterfeit merchandise.
  • Illegal Products: Some products may be legal in their country of origin, but may be illegal in many other countries. We do NOT allow any products that can not be sold legally in ALL of the major common markets.