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The advantages of our lithium iron battery:

Can be used in any application that uses other AA size 1.5 volt battery types;
Higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other AA size 1.5 volt battery types;

Longer service than other AA size 1.5 volt battery types, especially in moderate to heavy drain applications;

Even greater service advantage over other 1.5 volt types at low temperatures: will work at temperatures at which other types will not;

Much better leakage resistance than other 1.5 volt types;

Performs well after up to 10 years storage;

Much lighter weight - 1/3 less than AA alkaline;

Good service maintenance after high temperature storage;

No added mercury, cadmium, or lead

Maximum storage and operating temperatures are limited by jacket shrinkage: no problems at 60 C, can tolerate 71 C for at least 1 week without exposing the bare cell;

Maximum discharge current is limited by the resettable safety switch;
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