Sell lithium battery

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We are secialized in lithium battery, the main products are lithium thionyl chloride cells, lithium sulfur dioxide cells and lithium manganese dioxide cell. The models is as follows: ER10450; ER11120; ER13150; ER14250; ER13460; ER1433
5; ER14505; ER17335; ER17335; ER18505; ER26500; ER34615; WR18505; WR26500; WR34615; WR34120; CR14250; Cr14335; CR14505; CR17335; CR18505; CR26500; CR34615. Different models have different dimension, caplacity, voltage and current. Different using, choosing differnt type. And we can add different terminals on the cells according to your requirment. Pls tell us your requirment, we will recommendate the best one to you.
Brand Name
Power Requirements
2.9V, 3V , 3.6V