Sell lithium ion polymer battery(large capacity series)

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We are offering 50 models polymer batteries and can design the battery shape as customer's requisition.
1. Large capacity batteries(1500mAh-10000mAh) which are widely used in mobile DVD, notebook computor etc.
2. Mobile phone battery series (540mAh-1500mAh) . 3. Special size battery series (180mAh-450mAh) , specially used in such digital products as Mp3, PMP, bule-tooth, etc.

Product International Certificate
Our products have gained ISO900 2000 certificate issued by RW TUV, Germany.
Safety performance of our products meets international standard, and has gained UL, CE certificates.
There is not any metal in our products, such as Hg Chromium. Our products reach the requirement of European Union regarding Environment . This as been tested by SGS

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Norminal valtage: 3.7v
Rated capavity: 3600-5900mAh
Cycle life >=500 times
Dimension:(WxL) : (10x196) mm, T:3.65-6.50mm
Voltage of charging: 4.2v
Charging current(max) :1C mA
Discharging current(max) :1C mA
Discharging end voltage:3.0v
Charging temperature:0 deg. C~45 deg. C
Discharging temperature:-20 deg. C~60 deg. C
Storage temperature: -20 deg. C~45 deg. C
Application:P-DVD, Notebook computer.
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