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We are offering 50 models polymer batteries and can design the battery shape as customer's requisition.
1. Large capacity batteries(1500mAh-10000mAh) which are widely used in mobile DVD, notebook computor etc.
2. Mobile phone battery series (540mAh-1500mAh) . 3. Special size battery series (180mAh-450mAh) , specially used in such digital products as Mp3, PMP, bule-tooth, etc.
Lithium-ion polymer batterys performance advantage:
1. Large capacity for single battery, less need to put cells in parallel
2. High safety performance, no explosion
3. Environment friendly, no leakage, no heavy metal, no pollution
4. High energy density, light(140-180Wh/Kg )
5. Minimum thickness can teach 0.6 mm
6. The thickness and shape can be made according to the requirements of customers.
7. High operating voltage
8. Long cycle life
9. Wide range of operating temperature , Excellent high and low temperature performance
10. Can discharge at high rate(10c)
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