Sell load  cell-PA6181

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made of alloy tool steel
be compatible with standard
beautiful design
easy to use
simple to install
ideal for harsh enviroment
suitable for various special scales and trucklist scales
used widely for scales
This type of load cell has found ready market at home and abroad, because its performance
Specialties: one fixed and another end loading, self-centering, moistureproof protected, good seal structure, easy to use, simple to install, ideal for hostile environment, good side force resistance, suitable for forklift scales, testing instrument, various special scales.
Main parameters:
Rate ouput:4.0mv/v10.25%
Accuracy class:0.05
Non-linearity: 0.03 FS
Hysteresis:0.05% FS
Creep in 30 minutes:0.05%FS
Temperature effect span:15ppm/0 of applied load
Temperature effect zero:26ppm/0 of applied load
Compensated Temperature range:-100-400
Operating Temperature range:-400-650
Zero balance:11%FS
Input resistance:385115
Output resistance:35013
Safe overload :150%FS
Ultimate overload :300%FS
Excitation voltage: 10vAC/DC
Maximum Excitation voltage:15vAC/DC
Insulation resistance:>=5000m
Enviromental protection:IP67
Material: alloy tool steel