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The log art is shaped from the procession of the selected plateau plants root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, it totally comes out of manual sticking, adhibiting, inlaying, patching up the blocks. . It contains the anima of the universe, gathers the essence of mountains. The art is created and demonstrated the different figures of happiness and pain, they appears old, modern, countrified, foreign-flavour, extensive, exquisite, they show personalized character of not only popular literature of art, but also highbrow art and literature, not only elegant and gracious, but also natural and classical, reflecting the primitive cultures remoteness, mystery, naivety, roughness.
Based on the log, maintaining the epidermis of the natural plant, you will obtain a feeling of purity and modern form our log art , the opuses give an outlook of the original and mysterious Chinese culture; the originality has deeply impressed the people with a permanent charm, they are becoming popular to the people as the special gift and travel memento.
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