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The group 2C4B ( To Comunicate For Business) born in 2003 for will of highly qualified professionals with experience in Marketing and Information Technologies fields, matured in ten years work, close companies operating in the most heterogeneous business sectors and countries like USA, England, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Middle East, East Europe and in Africa. The group is managed by experts in Business Communication, Marketing, New Information Technology and Web Advertisement.
Our mission is to be a professional and technological partner for the Companies willing to export their products, in the resolution and management of problems concerning communication and promotion in foreign markets. Our task is to plan marketing and promotion actions, the most active possible, with the aim to render companies and their products more visible. In order to catch up this goal,2C4B has created an international Network for Enterprise Development with foreign partners; similar groups as operational factors and management of business relationships. This allows to have, in real time, complex market study and analysis as well as management of informations flows related to local business. Therefore,2C4B becomes a ring that ties various cultures, languages, traditions and new entrepreneurial reality on international scale.
Our job
Planning on measure the International Communication for Italian PMI through the use of modern technologies applied to Internet (Business to Business, Business Providers, Market Analysis, etc. ) and through sophisticated application software for business management, Business Intelligence. All supported by integration with ad hoc and personalised services, adapted to the needs and requirements of the companies.
Managing the informations flows between producer companies and entrepreneurial realities interested to the commercialization of the products.2C4B gives the deep knowledge of needs and demands about markets where export actions shows practical feasibility. This integrated communication actions allows to insert the companies products in the desired market.2C4B is in the position of capting and translating the market force and its weakness point, the referral targets and its potential development.