Sell low cost mini ptz ip dome-wi-fi ip dome camera

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Among all network video solutions, Clairvoyant1062 is the most cost efficient, especially suitable for all broadband users. Clairvoyant1062W comes with Wi-Fi and RJ-45 port, support DHCP, PPPoE ADSL dial-up and DDNS client.

Clairvoyant1062 is an economical model of advanced IP camera device. It comes with many high quality features, yet cost is relevantly low. Clairvoyant1062 works standalone with broadband connection allows remotely viewing of images by web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) anywhere, any time.

Just like any network device, with its own IP address, Clairvoyant1062 connects directly to a standard network switch or wireless AP. This enables viewing real time digital video over the LAN or Internet from all over the world.

Clairvoyant1062 uses existing Network (IP) technology. In a case of surveillance project, using existing IP network infrastructure combining with Clairvoyant1062, extra costs related to traditional installation and deployment of analog CCTV surveillance systems (such as coaxial cables, monitors and video recorders) can be eliminated, being digital, the problem of loss of resolution with cable length doesn't exist.

Clairvoyant1062 is designed around a powerful camera platform. A genius embedded WEB server and real-time operating system with Standalone Motion Detection scheduled alarming guarantee 24/7 operation in the most demanding of environments.
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