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Photoluminesecent pigment is a new-type light excited luminance material popular since 1990's . This material can absorb and store the energy of various ultraviolet and visible lights and release the energy in way of visible light in dark environment or in the night. The light absorption and release processes are automatically completed and repeated ceaselessly. This pigment is mainly applicable as an additive in the paints, printing oil, plastic, glass, porcelain, printing paste and other transparent media to realize the self-luminescent function. This product is non-toxic, harmless and non-radioactive , and can be applicable to instrument panel display, night indication signal , artwork , daily consumables and sports utilities as well as architecture decoration, transportation tools , military facilities and firefighting system , functioning as a highlighting and decorative sign . The development of this material not only greatly improves people's living environment but also brings many conveniences to people's life .