Sell luxury pedicure foot bath spa chair

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Product Features:
A. The chair can be stretched to 160 degree.
B. The chair can be moved forward and backward 100mm.
C. There are 3 level about the massage speed of chair and can be time-setting.

High quality and all glass fibre surface makes the machine itself reach the steel degree. Surfing force is more perfect with four jets and adjustable switch, the Spa Chairs, designed in accordance with human body, is flexible forward and backward and can be unloosened for 160'. It is the chair that makes the product itself have a kind of super-era artistic conception.

This massage system is a scientifically designed with wire-contarol plate.
The unique massage product are worked by 8 interwave massage balls of 4 row, and have same degree medical effect.
The qualtity of this massage system is very stable, may relax your life significantly.
With inner-cycle whirlpool to the user's foot in the basin, can clean too.
The advantage of our pedicure spa product will let you feel the relaxtion at the same time while at your busy working time.