Sell m-cresol

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1. Specifications
1) Appearance: transparent to yellowish liquid
2) Purity: 99.00% min.
3) F. P. : 10.50C min.
4) Moisture: 0.2% max.
2. Applications:
Mainly used in industries including pesticide, pharmaceutical, spice, resin, plasticizer,
film stock, antioxidant and reagent. Main specifications as purity, appearance, freezing point of the m-crsol produced by our company have reached or exceeded the level of imported products
3) Packaging and storage: in galvanized iron barrel. 200kg each. Stored in dry and ventilated place
4) Other information:
CAS no. : 108-39-4
Molecular formula: C7H8O
Molecular weight: 108.14