Sell magnesium chloride

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JSC Kaustik, Volgograd, Russia sells the following products of in-house manufacture:
-technical magnesium chloride (flakes and prills) .

Fraction of MgCl2*6H2O total mass, min 97%
Fraction of magnesium ions (Mg) total mass, min 11.8%
Fraction of water-insoluble residue total mass, max 0.2%

Used for wood impregnation, which makes it fire, bio, chemical resistant; for production of drilling fluids, for production of killing drilling muds during repair and renewal operations in oil and gas industry; for ice removal on roads, pavements; for treatment of dusting and freezing cargoes; for catalysis of glyoxal resins, used in coupling agents; for stabilization in carpet dyeing in textile industry; for production of magnesia cements (Sorel cements) as well as magnesia, refractory and anti-freezing concretes; for catalysis in sucrose crystallization in sugar production; for animal feed additives and use as fertilizers in agriculture; for production of magnesium-containing compounds, including magnesium metal.
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