Sell magnesium oxide board (mgo board )

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Detailed Product Description
1) Fireproof: BS-476 Class 1(Part 6-Class 1, Part 7-Class 1) . Resistant to combustion and show any change at 800 degree and remains flameless at 1, 200 degree
2) Non-flammability: GB8624 Grade A
3) Freeze resistance: It shows no change after 25 cycles of freeze thawing
4) High strength and impact resistant
5) Low weight: Density 0. 7 - 1. 4g/cbm
6) Good waterproof: The rate of the water absorption is 18%, there is no drops of water to emerge in the back
7) Invariability: Resistant to deformation in wet, hot and dry conditions
8) Sound insulation: The index of the sound insulation has reached 50dB
9) Heat insulation: Thermal conductivity of 0. 216W/(mK)
10) Installation: Easy to cut, saw, nail, stick, paint and veneer
11) Decoration: Smooth surface suitable for a wide range of surface treatments including overlay, wallpapering and painting etc
12) Environmental protection: No toxic materials, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and ammonia
13) Thickness: 2. 5 - 30mm
14) Dimensions: 1220x2440mm, thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12. 5mm