Sell magnet wire

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Our company product the polyvinyl-formal enameled cail with class of 120(round and rectangular) ;
polyester enameled round(rectangular) coppy wires, class 130;
normal increase modified polyester enameled round, (rectangular) copper wire, class 155;
polyerter mode enamelled coil wire with class of 180(round and rectangular) ;
increase polyesterimide coated with polyamide-imide enamelled round(rectangular) copper wires, class 200;
self-fluxing polyurethane enamelled round copper wires.

Our company product the class-fire covered(aluminum) (round, rectangular) with a tamperture index of 130,155,180

Our company product all kinds of film covered round copper and aluminum wire

our company product all kinds of paper and nomex paper covered coil wire