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Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets are the most powerful magnets available today. They possess maximum
energy product over 52mgoe and wonderful coercive force. As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets,
NdFeB magnets are less brittle than their predecessors. They have the best prices relative to their high magnetic
properties. NdFeB magnets are available in sintered as well as bonded forms. The bonded form of the material can be
produced with close tolerances, with little or no finishing required. The energy product of the bonded form is much lower
than that of the sintered form - up to 12 MGOE. The sintered form usually requires some finishing operations in order to
hold close mechanical tolerances. NdFeB magnets are widely used in many fields such as aviation, instruments, meters,
sensors, motors, speakers, microphones, electronics, magnetic separation, medicine, machines, etc.
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