Sell magnetic laundry ball

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Thread-empty plastic shell with rubber ring, installed with anti-rust permanent magnets of unique design and about 80g of Multifunctional Mineral Laundry Pellets inside
Weight of the ball: 133g/pc
Diameter: 70mm
Diameter of the shell: 100mm
1. Adopt both chemical and physical principle for washing, no harmful chemicals
2. One time or two times rinse is enough, save water
3. Traditional Detergent can be completely replaced, eco, safe and economical
4. Strong power in kill bacterial, take care of your clothes
5. Effectively avoid twist of clothes during washing
6. Pellets inside the ball can be refilled and the plastic shell can be used again and again
7. Macromolecule activated solid pellets (Laundry Pellets) can be used about 30 times
8. Easy to use, what you need to do is to put the Laundry Ball into the washing machine for normal operation