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Enlaide health memory pillow based on scientific and technology, collect life science, modern biology, ergonomics, etc. modern high-tech, use of magnetic fields, far-infrared and negative ions, mineral-ion, color and other physical therapy. Especially the mineral-ion contains more than 10 kinds of beneficial trace elements, such as: zinc, iron, magnesium, chromium, and so on. These trace elements can regulate energy metabolism, maintain the body's immune function, improve the mental development, enhance memory, so that the smooth flow of qi and blood. Mineral-ion trace elements can be absorbed into the human body through the skin, balance yin and yang qi and blood, so that the human body healthier.
1, Functional specific cotton layer;
2, All-cotton core layer;
3, Permanent-magnets layer;
4, Far-infrared and negative ion flake layer;
5, Mineral-ion flake layer;
6, Non-woven layer;
7, High rebound pearl pool layer.
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