Sell malt all-in-one system

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The malting device, the newest invention of our company, is designed for small and medium-sized malting company. Totally different from traditional malting system, multi-storied construction for barley soaking and drying and the brick-mixed construction of germination box, as well as the output of the materials during the period from germination to drying are omitted, therefore, production cost is reduced and production efficiency is improved. This malting system includes screening and clearing machines, malting apparatus integrative machines, blowers, hot-air generators, polishing machines, deculming machines and packing, which not only improves the working environment but also simplifies the producing control and produces high-quality malt.
Malting unity machine integrates processes such as wheat soaking, germination, drying into one. Wheat soaking tanks, germination boxes and drying ovens wont be needed. While soaking wheat, the procedures such as water pouring, drainage, ventilation and water spraying are carried out automatically and can suit many kinds of soaking means. Once finished, there is no need to remove materials, wheat starts to germinate naturally. The wind temperature and humidity are controlled automatically and wheat will be turned over in time so as to ensure the quality of malt. After germination, drying treatment is carried out automatically, due to the drying procedures of high-efficient ovens with single layer so that energy consumption is reduced. Automation is realized throughout the whole process.