Sell malt extract

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The production is extracted from malt through biotechnological method and professional equipment conditions , added no other material, taken picked superior malt as its material. ,
Production point:
The production has rich Vitamin E, more Vitamin B, folic acid, and minerals such as Ca, Cu Fe, Mg, Mn, P, K and Zn etc pure material, and rich plant fibre, solubility sugar, carbohydrate. It can improve stomach intestine function , strength stomach and spleen, eliminate tire, inspire energy. In the mean time , it can improve food taste, extrude production flavor, and foil carrier odar type.
Range of application:
Its widely used in infant aggrandizement food , milk food , milk aggrandizement solid beverage, breakfast milk, all kinds of baking food such as biscuit, malted milk , coffee , cornmeal , malt extract nugget, coat chocolate matuix, malt extract soda pop, soft drink , medicine , biology substrate etc.
Dried malt extract:
1) Appearance: light yellow to tan powder, free from foreign matter, allow a little macula which is can be ground up after dissolving. Its natural phenomenor of a little deposition after dissolving of the samples.
2) Odor: pleasant and characteristically malty
3) Taste: mild sweet taste with malt flavor, free from foreign flavors
Outer Packing: 20kg/ paper bag
Retention period:12 months store in common temperature